Key Documents

Below are relevant documents and key information that support the Hemel Garden Communities programme.

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Hemel Garden Communities Programme Area Map

Download a copy of the area of growth for North and East Hemel Hempstead.

Hemel Garden Communities Position Statement

The Hemel Garden Communities (HGC) Position Statement is an overview
document to support the Regulation 18 Local Plan consultations for St Albans City
and District Council (SADC) and Dacorum Borough Council (DBC).

An earlier version of the document was published in July 2023 alongside the SADC
Regulation 18 Local Plan consultation, with the current copy published in October
2023 alongside the DBC consultantion 18 Local Plan consultation.

The SADC Regulation 18 Local Plan, on the St Albans City and District Council
website, closed on the 25th September 2023.

The DBC Regulation 18 Local Plan is available on the consultation website from 30th October to 11th December 2023.

The HGC Position Statement has been prepared by the HGC Partners: St Albans
City & District Council, Dacorum Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council
with the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (Herts LEP) and Hertfordshire
Innovation Quarter (Herts IQ).

The Spatial Vision

We've been working with stakeholders and the public to develop a Spatial Vision for the Hemel Garden Communities Programme area, which explains how the town and wider area will look and feel when the new development and transformation of the town is complete.

The Spatial Vision builds on the strengths of Hemel Hempstead and the wider area, and has been shaped through activities and events engaging local communities, including public competitions, input via the Hemel Channel Instagram account, a virtual public workshop held on Zoom, and councillor involvement from the partner authorities (Dacorum Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council and Hertfordshire County Council).

The Charter

The Hemel Garden Communities Charter provides an insight into the key vision principles of the development, our aspirations for high-quality, innovative design, and the key studies and plans, infrastructure improvements and the wider benefits planned for the town.

The key themes are:

  1. Place and Design: Hemel Garden Communities will respond to the pressing issues of social inclusion and climate change, provide economic opportunities, and take advantage of new and emerging technologies.
  2. Engagement: Hemel Garden Communities will be developed through a partnership of existing and new communities, public agencies and the private sector.
  3. Delivery: The timely delivery of homes and supporting infrastructure will build communities, support a high-quality, sustainable and inclusive place.