A Self Sustaining Economy

Hemel Garden Communities will promote and support a self-sustaining green economy. The employment offer anchored by Maylands Business Park with 650 businesses and 20,000 employees will be diversified with the development of Herts IQ. Herts IQ will bring companies collaborating in innovation in built environment technologies together on a campus, with a focus on agricultural and construction sectors, and research and development supported by the Green Triangle, a partnership aiming to establish Hertfordshire as a centre of excellence in green technology.

Existing local centres, retail parks and other employment areas will support new technologies to enable employment innovation and diversification. This will be consolidated with digitally-enabled homeworking and service provision, community based working spaces and facilities to support new enterprises.

Innovation in sustainability, circular economy principles, digital connectivity and open data networks will be key employment drivers in HGC and provide a strong theme for the economic identity of the town. HGC’s improved sustainable transport connections will also enable wider regional economic activity in London, Hertfordshire, nearby towns and wider growth corridors including the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.