Timeline and Work Programme

Now that the Hemel Garden Communities Spatial Vision, setting out our key principles, has been finalised the team are busy ensuring this helps shape strategies and plans such as the Hemel Garden Communities Framework Plan, Transport Plan and Infrastructure Delivery Plan. These will also support the strategic growth and provide the infrastructure that will be needed to help transform the town.

Community engagement plays a key part in shaping the proposals, alongside the local plan processes for Dacorum Borough Council and St Albans City and District Council. Since 2022 we've carried out a number of public surveys to inform the Transport, Health & Wellbeing and Stewardship strategies.

Transforming the Town

Our team have also delivered or will be delivering a number of transformational projects within the town:

  • A Solar Bulk Buy scheme offering high-quality solar panels and battery storage to Hertfordshire residents and businesses at a competitive price, reducing carbon emissions to address the impact of climate change. Dacorum residents have invested over £2.6m in solar energy since 2022. To find out more and register your interest for future schemes visit Hertfordshire Solar Together
  • The Nickey Line surface improvements to support and encourage active travel and modal shift were completed in January 2023.  
  • Grand Union Canal improvements to upgrade the towpath between Red Lion Bridge and the district border to promote more cycling and walking, were completed in Spring 2023.
  • A Parklet scheme to promote social interaction, health and wellbeing and integrated neighbourhoods for both existing communities and future communities is being look at by the team.
  • Buncefield Lane North Quietway lighting to support accelerated delivery and improve the facilities for active travel is underway, with work expected to commence in 2024.

How does the HGC Programme align with the Local Plans?

Local Plans are the framework for how and where we build new homes, business premises and other developments and supporting infrastructure that is needed like doctors surgeries and community facilities. Local Plans set the policy against which planning proposals are decided. Both Dacorum Borough Council and St Albans City and District Council are currently in the process of preparing new Local Plans for their areas. 

A project of this size requires collaboration between the Local Plan teams at Dacorum Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council and the Hemel Garden Communities programme team. This is to ensure that everyone is working towards the same end goal and are guided by the proposals and vision for Hemel Garden Communities when putting their plans together. It is equally important that Hertfordshire County Council’s transport and growth teams work towards the same vision. Public consultation took place in Summer 2023 for the St. Albans City and District Council Local Plan, with a similar consultation taking place for Dacorum Borough Council's Local Plan in October 2023.

Further public consultation for both council's Local Plans is expected during Autumn 2024.